The next steps to take are mentioned in your selection letter.

1. Selected candidates should confirm the acceptance of their scholarship at
2. Selected candidates have to prepare their visa application and start collecting the necessary documents.
3. Selected candidates should contact their host university to prepare their stay (learning agreement, accommodation, classes etc.)


Target Group 1 students have to contact the IRO of their home university (see "contacts"). They will buy the ticket up to the maximum amount mentioned on the website.
Target Group 2 students need to contact miss Ilse Van Renterghem, UGent's local representative in beijing:


All students are insured by a central Group Insurance. In order to arrange your insurance, you should communicate your travel dates to your IRO (Target Group 1 students) or to Miss Ilse Van Renterghem (Target Group 2). On the basis of these dates, the LiSUM Secretariat will apply for insurance for the period that you are abroad. You will receive the insurance card by email - you should use this for the embassy.

Via this link you can download the insurance policy. The claim form for luggage and for medical expenses with contact details can be downloaded here. Please make sure to report claims within 7 days as stated in the policy.

Subsistence fee:

EU students have to pass by their home IRO office before departure to sign a contract to receive their subsistence fee from their home university.
Chinese students have to sign a contract at the IRO of the host university upon arrival.

Please foresee that it might take a while to open up a bankaccount and have the first payment. Please foresee some cash for the first days.

Tuition fee:

Tuition fee - if applicable - will be paid directly to the hosting university.


Researchers can find useful information on "researchers in motion" in different countries via the EURAXESS Services Network of the European Commission.

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